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Government Auctions & Foreclosures!
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Seized, Surplus, and Foreclosed Houses, Cars, Jewelry, Computers and Other Property For Sale!

Federal Governemnt Auctions. U.S. & Canada

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The U.S. Federal Government auctions surplus, seized, and foreclosed houses, cars, jewelry, computers and other property through Federal Government Auctions! Federal Government Auctions are held in all 50 U.S. States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and on the internet.

Confiscated, Seized, & Forfeited Items Foreclosed Real Estate Surplus Property Unclaimed Goods

Confiscated, Seized, & Forfeited Items

 * Confiscated, seized, forfeited are terms which describe the status of property in the possession of Federal law enforcement agencies. 

 * More than 20,000 items of confiscated, seized, and forfeited real estate and personal property are sold annually with gross sales of $100 million. The property offered for sale consists of cars, trucks, boats, aircrafts, jewelry, art, antiques, and collectibles, residential and commercial real estate, and business establishments.

Foreclosed Real Estate

 * Foreclosed Real Estate is sold when citizens default on real estate loans secured by a government agency. 

 * Foreclosed Real Estate includes office buildings, houses, condominiums, apartments, undeveloped land, retail stores, industrial properties, and golf courses.

Surplus Property

 * Surplus property is property no longer needed by the Federal government. 

 * Surplus property includes Cars, vans, trucks, boats and airplanes, computers, printers, copiers, and typewriters, communications equipment, jewelry and collectibles, office and household furniture, recreational and athletic equipment, video equipment, medical and laboratory equipment, tools, agricultural, mining and construction vehicles and machinery, hardware, plumbing, heating and electrical equipment.

Unclaimed Goods

 * Unclaimed goods are sold by the Federal Government when items are abandoned, unclaimed by the public, lost in the mail, or on which an insurance claim has been paid. The Postal Service is the primary agency that sells unclaimed items, typically goods that have been lost in the mail.

 * Auctions of unclaimed merchandise are referred to as recovery auctions. The merchandise may include clocks, televisions, radios, tape recorders, jewelry, VCRs, and clothing. 

 * The  Postal Service also has sales programs that sell excess postal vehicles, computers, workroom and office furniture, and electronic and hardware items for mail handling equipment.

Government Auctions

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